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Film Student Project 2024 #1



This is an open call for current and graduated film school students in Western Sweden to participate in a 3-day workshop where directors, scriptwriters, producers, film workers etc will collaborate to create a film together. 


Who are we

We are Filmcentrum Väst, an organization and platform for professional and semi-professional filmmakers to organize, support each other, and collaborate to strengthen creators' positions in the job market.

Also Lina Cordoba and Ylfa Shih, both graduates from HDK-Valand in 2023, will be joining us to pull this project through.

About the project

One of our main aims is to create connections between filmmakers in the west of Sweden to help kickstart collaborations. As part of this, we are developing a 3-day workshop to gather film school students and alumnis (director, scriptwriter, producer, filmarbetarutbildningen) to make a short film together. 

The first pilot project will take place in the spring of 2024, on the following 3 days: 

1 - February 25th    (preproduction / choosing the idea)

2 - March 2nd         (production / shooting)

3 - March 3rd          (postproduction / editing)

How to apply

For the pilot project we are welcoming...

  • 1 director

  • 1 scriptwriter

  • 1 producer

  • 2-4 film worker (sound, light, scenographers, runner, etc)

  • 2-4 actors

Additional actors and crew members are welcome to join if needed. 

We will be using the lottery method to choose between eligible applicants.

Please apply using the form below. 


Who can apply

Film school students and alumnis from any of the following schools: 



Yrgo Manus

Yrgo Produktion 


Deadline for application is February 7th.

Further guidelines and information will be communicated to applicants. 

For questions and further information, please contact us by email:


About Filmcentrum Väst:

Filmcentrum Väst is a platform for professional and semi-professional filmmakers to organize themselves, support each other in filmmaking, and collaborate to strengthen creators' positions in the job market. Our primary task is to improve filmmakers' working conditions, which we do through skills development, feedback groups, co-working, pitch workshops, etc. There is also the opportunity to show films and work-in-progress to an audience. Furthermore, we organize all kinds of film discussions, workshops, and seminars that you can follow here on our website and on our Facebook page (

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